Why We Buy By Paco Underhill

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Consumers have certain behavioral tendencies when faced in certain situations. In Why We Buy, the author Paco Underhill details certain behavioral characteristics people tend to have in different types of retail stores. Many consumers don’t think about what their actions mean when checking out or buying products. But to Mr. Underhill, the gender of the person, the people they’re with, the amount of times the person touches an object, the amount of time spent on checking a particular product, the time they came in, and the time they leave, all factor into a database to determine different behavioral trend consumers have. It is these trends that they find in order to correct a problem a store or retailer didn’t know they have to increase sales and create a better flow in the store environment. Lots of what happens in a store or retailer can be better analyzed when there is a tape recording as opposed to observing in person. But observing in person allows the tracker to make minute observations and small nuances like the direction the eyes are looking and the item they are checking out that can’t be recorded by cameras. There’s also something else that is hugely important, but mostly overlooked, which is what customers fail to notice. It could be because a certain product outshines another product and outperforms the other product in sales. Before I start observing people in Barnes & Noble, I will have to take many factors into consideration.
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