Why We Can Be Moral Without Religion

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Morality is the root of all that is good, and the beginning of all that is evil. It can be found in the mightiest of rulers, and the smallest of children. It is what separates man from animals. It is what makes humans, human. Religion, as a whole is not needed to make a man moral, but it does have a huge part in the world. Before we discover why we can be moral without religion, we must first understand what morality is, and where it begins. There is absolutely no doubt that morality is something we are born with. From childhood, we know the difference of what humans perceive as right and wrong. Humans are born with three distinct features programmed into us. The first is our instinct. It is the one trait we are born with that we share with animals. Quite simply, our instinct in rawest form is procreation and survival. Everything outside of that is purely humanistic. The second is our sentiency. Sentiency is our ability to perceive, adapt, and grow. It is out self-awareness, in a sense. Without it, we could not build larger buildings, we could not communicate on personal levels, and our emotions would be heavily simplified.
Finally, we have our morality. Morality, as previously stated, is our ability to understand right and wrong. It is a “compass” that steers our decisions. Since the beginning of recorded history, man has battled the idea of good and evil. It’s sprouted countless religions and ideals, such as Buddhism and Karma. In a sense, morality has been one of the…

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