Why We Need To Legalize Illegal Immigration

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These are reasons why immigration is such a hot topic right now. Immigration has a long line of history. Including the US since it was built off of immigrants. But it is starting to get out of hand due to the population growth over the years. The growth of the immigrants population into the US is most likely to put americans or legal immigrants to stop them from working.Immigration has been changing the world around us today, since there have been illegal immigrants taking jobs from those who are actually in need of jobs.
According to Gale Student Resources of (Illegal Immigration).In the late 19th and early 20th century waves of immigration flooded america.What this means is that there was a certain point where these immigrants needed somewhere to go and they all came here in a big wave of immigrants.Gale Student Resources of Illegal Immigrants states that the flood of some many immigrants made the government take drastic measures. There were so many immigrants coming into the US that the government had to do something that stopped them from coming in all in one time.The government needs to add in some new policies in order to slow the immigrants down.Furthermore the Government should do something about this whole thing about illegal immigrants from taking jobs of those in needs. …show more content…

US and Mexican border are lined with gigantic fences and are patrolled using high-tech surveillance equipment. Somehow these illegal immigrants are still somehow sneaking into this country to take jobs or do something else.According to Gale Student Resources of Illegal Immigration. Immigration reform advocates argue that influx of immigrants drives down wages and displaces hundreds of thousands.That these immigrants cause people to start losing money on their jobs and getting cut from their job.These immigrants cause people to start losing. Nevertheless losing money or jobs for those who have

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