Why We Should Abortion Be Legal

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Should abortion be legal? Asking whether you should bring another life on earth is a big deal. So who’s to tell you what’s right from wrong? Or what you should or shouldn’t be able to do with your own body? I think these questions should be answered based upon your own conscious mind because it’s your body, you should have the right make to your own decisions. Making the decision to abort, is hard enough without being judged harshly by society. The government shouldn’t have the power to make abortion illegal because of other people’s opinion. There are many reasons why people have abortions. For example, they’re unable to financially care for another human, medical problems, or have been the victim of rape
A lot of people think that having an abortion is wrong because they have a different set of moral standards. Or they try to take having an abortion
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You might say, “Why not put the child up for adoption?” The problem with adoption is there are millions of orphans in the world, let alone our country, that haven’t a home. Not all of those children get the chance to grow up from a loving home. Some grow up on the streets, unable to feed themselves. Or end up in jail because no one was there to teach them right from wrong. Also, many orphans grow up with mental health issues because they feel abandoned. I would imagine that the life of an orphan isn’t the easiest. So, making an adoption sound like it’s the next best thing to just being alive is a naive thing to say. I don’t think we fully realize what it’s like to be in someone’s situation if we have not experienced it ourselves. On a side note, I do support the many families that are willing to adopt children, and care for them as if they were their own child. Adoption can work if more people are willing to adopt, but not every child in an orphanage gets the chance to have that
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