Why We Should Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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The issue discussed by many Americans is the legalization of recreational marijuana. Many people are for it nowadays: over 60 percent of Americans are for it with a resounding number of yeses. However, we will voice the opinion of both sides of the spectrum. This research paper will conclude recommendation presented to the governor of Iowa whether recreational marijuana should be legalized for people the age 21 and up.


There are many states slowly legalizing marijuana for a myriad reasons. Just about 60% of the American population are voting yes for legalization of cannabis. Just a decade ago these numbers were 32%-35%. However, the rising numbers are because of the younger Americans (Christina Beck). Over 10 years young …show more content…

However, Colorado's governor John Hickenlooper believed they would acquire $118 million in taxes after recreational marijuana was legalized. Within seven months of revenue data his office now believes they will collect $69 million by the end of the year however their estimate was a miss by 42 percent (New York Times). Many government officials believe that legalizing recreational marijuana will close budget shortfalls. When in fact, after legalization there has caused a decrease in sales for the drug.


When looking at the issue of legalising recreational marijuana, it is clearly visible to many that there are positives and negatives to this issue. Regarding, the claim and counterclaim of recreational marijuana, it has been proven that it doesn’t lead to more dangerous drugs. The reason for recreational marijuana being legalized slowly in many states is because of it not being harmful to the body like many legal substances. Altogether, legalising recreational marijuana would allow people to be safer, and instead of putting harmful substances in their body that will hurt them in the long

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