Why We Shouldn T Gun Control Be Illegal

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Gun control is an ongoing debate and will never stop because there will always be that one person to testify against it and get it going again. In this year of an election, many politicians have stated the need for gun control, but their reasoning is not logical. There may be a need for gun control, but the laws that are in place now have gone too far. Too many laws create too many restrictions, and maybe they are there to protect citizens, but they also encourage lawlessness. They also start riots and other things like that because people are pushing for so many gun control laws and guns are being banned.

Why do I hate so much gun control? My main reason is 90% of the rules are pointless because no matter what people will use them. If they want it, bad enough they will use something else like a rock or stick, bat, wrench, or anything that can kill so no matter what people will kill just like they did before guns were created. So my reasoning for hating these rules go on too because like I said before, most of them are pointless because people will get a hold of them no matter how many rules you put out there to keep them away from them it just makes it harder for
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This whole thing started way before all the ISIS came around and started shit, this is a big reason, but gun control has always been a big thing. The point of this essay is to inform you that guns are not bad it is the people behind the guns that are bad like I said earlier guns don’t load and shoot themselves it’s the people behind them causing the
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