Why Were The Crusades?

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Why Were the Crusades Started Most have heard of the crusades of the middle-ages or at least heard of some famous people such as Pope Urban II, Richard the Lionheart or others. Whether you see the crusades as events that tried to promote Christian values in a pagan territory or if you see the crusades as chivalrous knights fighting for a valiant cause one will still need a good understanding why the crusades began and what was the outcome of the crusades. There were a number of Christian Crusades during the time period of 1095 A.D. to 1291 A.D. and it is the intentions of this paper to provide the reader with reasons why the crusades took place, provide a brief synopsis of the different Crusades, and did these Crusades accomplish anything to promote Christianity?
Historical and Political Considerations The best place to start in order to understand why the crusades took place would be to define what a crusade is. The Cambridge dictionary defines the word “crusade” as: a long and determined attempt to achieve something you strongly believe in . This is a good definition of what the Papacy and the Christians of the Crusades were trying to accomplish with the Christian Crusades that span for approximately 200 years, from the year 1095 A.D. to 1291 A.D. Dr. Richard Abels also provides an excellent statement in regards to what the Crusades truly were:
The crusades were a series of holy wars called by popes with the promise of indulgences for those who fought in them and

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