Why Wind Turbines Have Caused Such Controversy in Puerto Rico

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Wind Turbines: Why has it caused so much controversy in Puerto Rico?
As the Law of Conservation states, energy can be neither created nor destroyed (The Secret Lives of Energy). That means that an energy source has to be use in order to generate the energy needed. It is common knowledge that the pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels over time is making society live in a contaminated world. In addition, the cost of the use of fossil fuels is increasing and becoming too expensive, forcing people to find alternate ways in which they can pay less for the use of energy. The use of fossil fuels over time has increased to a point where the remaining reservoirs have decreased by a large margin. On the other hand, renewable energy is …show more content…

It is considered green energy because it uses resources the Earth will replace and does not pollute nor harm the environment (Alliant Energy). Fossil fuels, which are fuels found under the Earth’s ground, such as petroleum, cannot be replaced and cause large levels of pollution (SF Environment). One of the renewable sources causing the most controversies in Puerto Rico is the wind. In order to use the wind to generate power, also known as Aeolic energy, wind turbines are needed.
According to research done by Discovery News, in January 25, 2013, the top 10 countries, by order of most demand and use of wind energy, are: China, United States, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, and Denmark. All of these countries are investing money in wind turbine projects because, in the long run, it is going to benefit them from both the economic and ecofriendly point of view (Discovery News). In addition to these top ten countries in the world, there are more countries that have, or are, investing in these types of projects, since this is the future and correct path for the use Renewable Energy as a replacement for fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are harming the environment to the point where in a short amount of time it is going to be almost impossible to live on Earth because of the catastrophic changes the pollution will cause. (Environmental and Energy Study Institute). The controversies caused in

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