Renewable Resources And Natural Resources

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Both wind and coal, while natural resources, have significant differences. The most glaring dissimilarity between the two is one is a renewable resource (wind) and the other is nonrenewable (coal). Wind is classified as a renewable resource because wind is a naturally occurring process that is unlimited and it requires no time to replenish itself. Coal is classified as a nonrenewable resource because it is a substance that takes millions of years to recreate the original amount.
Wind energy has many advantages over other natural resources. Turbines do not pollute the environment at all, unlike fossil fuels and they use a fuel that is free and inexhaustible. It cannot be charged a ridiculous amount like oil and other fossil fuels. Though wind only accounts for a small fraction of the world’s total electricity production (2.5%), the field is rapidly growing at a rate of about 25% per year, creating lots of manufacturing and technical jobs, improving the American economy. Wind also has enormous potential. It could possible generate 20 times more than what the human population needs at full capacity. Because turbines must be spread apart, the spaces of land in-between the turbines can be used for other things, unlike the bulky, close together rows of solar panels needed to harness solar energy. Due to better technology and advances in the field prices of turbines have significantly decreased (80% since 1980).
While wind energy has many advantages, it is not without fault.

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