Wicked Play Analysis

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Attending Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre
Of the many theatre experiences that I have had in New York City, by far the most memorable of them was when I was afforded the chance to see the iconic play Wicked with my friends. Having never seen a Broadway show live before, we found that our excursion proved very worthwhile. Though many aspects make up the whole of the wonderful time we spent going to see the show, by far what struck us as the most important were the venue, the service, and the high level quality of the production, which all proved to be the most defining components of our adventure through Wicked’s land of Oz.
As we approached the Gershwin theatre, we marveled at the sleek and pristine building that towered above us, which bore the classic image of the green and white witches from the play. Though from an exterior view the venue gave off an almost futuristic aura, its interior was decorated richly in fairytale-like splendor,
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Though it was a longer show than what we were used to seeing, every minute of it proved to be worthwhile. Through mostly song, dance, and a bit of spectacle, the story of the wicked witch of Oz came to life before our eyes, which we found had some very important messages to consider. For one, Christine Dwyer (Elphaba) and her struggle to do what she believed was good mirrored our own experiences in trying to get ahead in this life by working hard toward our goals, all the while fighting detrimental influences such as the corrupt Mary Testa (Madame Morrible) and the evil Tom McGowan’s characters (Wizard). In all, the stars of the show did a fantastic job in portraying the aforementioned key message of the story in their acting and other aspects of their performances, and did so in a way that was rich in artistry and entertainment. We emerged from the theatre enlightened with newfound wisdom, which we believed was the greatest benefit of
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