Wide Sargasso Sea By Nadine Gordimer

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Wide Sargasso Sea author is Jean Rhys. July’s People’s author is Nadine Gordimer. The stories in these two novels are happened in different places. In Wide Sargasso Sea, the story took place in Indies. In July’s People, the story took place in South Arica. These two stories are different and take place in different countries, but they both reflect the issue of gender discrimination. We all know that both of Indies and South African run the systems of patriarchal society. This common point makes these two different novels related to gender discrimination. In my opinion, women’s rights cannot be protected and women are always discriminated by men in patriarchal society.
Wide Sargasso Sea is divided into three parts. Throughout the whole novel, gender discrimination is the most severe problem in Antoinette’s life and it mainly reflects the communication between Antoinette and Rochester. Rochester uses absolute European standard to measure all things he see in Jamaica. He thinks Antoinette’s appearance is attractive but it is strange to his England or European standard of beauty. It looks like Rochester regards Antoinette as a commodity instead of a woman. He makes comments on Antoinette’s appearance, which is very rude. Antoinette is like a toy for Rochester. She has to follow the orders of his husband. Rochester gets marriage with Antoinette, but he doesn’t love her at all. Just like he said, “The woman I am going to marry is meaningless to me. She has no relationship with…
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