Wildfires In North And South America

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the dry temperatures it's impossible to grow crops.Now that the temperature is high enough wildfires are becoming much more common. During a trip to Mexico incidents of wildfires in various parts of the country were occurring burning the grasslands because of the high temperature on earth. Majors of wildfire are now increasing and evidence have been found. (The steady below shows the steady increase in major wildfires in North and South America over the last fifty years, decade by decade).
Due to Global warming, warmer water near the ocean’s surface fuels more frequent. Hurricanes have been an effect of the oceans warm water. (A hurricane is an ocean-Based storm with winds of at least 74 miles per hour.) Frequent hurricanes are now occurring in most part of the world. Scientist have determined that in some parts hurricanes were impossible to ocurre in some parts but since now till this day climate change has made it
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There are now places where they have become extremely dried than they were before such as south africa. Not only have this places become more dry but they are now receiving half of their rainfall. For the following years in central Africa lake Chad has shrunk and seems to get smaller due to lack of rainfall. The lake depends on its waters for crop irrigation, livestock and specially for water drinking.
The North pole is one of the main places affected by global warming . The Arctic and the Antarctica are both vulnerable to the climate that has changed overtime. The ice caps have promptly melted overtime that they are now differently than they were. (The Arctic ice cap is less than ten feet thick on average). The ice are spread apart floating in the ocean making it hard for animals such as the polar bear to travel one place to another. This creatures must now swim through long distances of waters some becoming exhausted and drowning before reaching to the next
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