Will I Stop the Robber Today? Essay

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The date was January 17, 2012 7:03 in the morning. The sun was just rising over the lower part of Manhattan. The brisk, stagnant air of old man winter stung in your lungs as the snow covered taxi’s drove about. Ian Boomerang steps off the Amtrak and onto the streets of lower Manhattan. The crunch of the snow beneath his feet he instantly knew that this day would be a long one. As he turned the corner onto Broadway he could smell the pungent aroma of coffee lingering out of the local coffee shop. When suddenly he saw a man with a black mask and gun running out of it. Instantly Ian stops and soars up into the sky and flies to the left at supersonic speeds making the world travel back in time three minutes. Hoping that in this time frame he …show more content…

Once he got to the subway he knew he was looking for something or someone suspicious. When, as he turned his head to the right he spotted a man dressed in a suit and tie with an oddly shaped briefcase. He watched as the man dropped the briefcase on the floor and started hurrying away. Ian knew that that must be the explosive. As he quickly ran over to the briefcase it started to smoke, at which point in time he knew he didn’t have much time. Ian opened it up and saw a red, blue, and green wire. Not knowing which one to cut he took the chance for the peoples lives inside that station. Closed his eyes, held his breath, and cut the red wire. Thankfully it was the correct wire, people all around the station started clapping and thanking Ian. As he was walking away from the subway station thinking about what great things he just did for his country it made him feel good inside and realized that is why he does this. After two instances in one day he was the talk of the town, heck even talk of the country. Headlines on tv said “Miraculous man saving lives” and “Hero saves hundreds of peoples lives”. As he started to cross the street a young woman scream, realizing that she found the man that can turn back time. She instantly asked him to take back time so that she wouldn’t cheat on her boyfriend and lose him. Ian said in a stern voice, “I am sorry, but I will only use my strength for fighting crimes, not because someone wants

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