Will Mannkind 's Dream Come True?

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The case study titled “Will Mannkind’s Dream Come True?” highlights many existing problem(s) faced by the company. It also provides a framework to analyze scenarios, which could help us to determine what could be the best strategy for them to adopt in order to become a profitable and successful Biotech (Drug development) company. By comprehensive PESTEL (PESTLE) Analysis, the case study provided various external factors that affect any biotech company in general. These factors are particularly important for analyzing MannKind’s positions as they posse direct impact on the organization and the key decision maker for the company, and may also affect at arriving at the recommendation for the key problem. The methodology employed by the author of the case study involves the decades oriented time-interval approach by which it also places company’s standing in terms of its organizational development, finances, regulatory challenges, resources, and role or involvement of company’s CEO “Alfred Mann”. Through Appendix’s, and tables, the author provided ample amount of information to make an analysis of the company’s present financial, organizational structure, and strategic standing. The case study highlights various PESTLE factors and internal facts that provide a deeper understanding of MannKind’s present situation, and problems these factors relates to. Apart from PESTLE analysis, there could be multiple strategic tools that can be applied for analyzing external and internal

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