Sustainable Strategy- a Business Report on Marks & Spencers Plc.

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M002LON- Sustainable Strategy APR11 A Business Study Report On Marks & Spencers Plc. By IRFAN BASHIR STUDENT ID: 3583591 Submission Date: 20 June 2011 Word Count: 2096(Without References & Appendix) Executive Summary | This document/report throws light on the business environment of Marks and Spencers and the analysis of strategic position, strategic direction, success criteria and backed up by future recommendations for the company based on all the mentioned aspects. The frameworks used to analyse the company are: PESTEL Analysis. Porter’s Five Forces. SWOT analysis. ANSOFF Matrix. BCG Matrix. Porter’s generic Strategy. Bowman’s strategy clock. Table of Contents Sr. No. : | Contents | Page no. | 1 |…show more content…
E Plan A. LIncrement in VAT, Laws. Internal environment: Moving ahead,in order to get the idea about company’s internal environment and its capacity to survive and prosper in the market(Strategic capability), I analysed the resources and competencies(Appendix 3) ,the value chain (Appendix 3),the Cultural Web(Appendix 5). To find out the influence of stakeholders on the company I applied Power/Interest to the company and finally analysis of strengths,weaknesses ,opportunities and threats to the company(SWOT Analysis-Appendix 7) provide with clear idea about the strategic position of M&S. Stakeholder mapping : the Power/Interest matrix. | Stakeholder mapping identifies stakeholder expectations and power and helps in understanding political priorities and underlines two issues: * The interest each stakeholder has in imposing its expectations on the organisation’s purposes and strategic choices * The power each stakeholder has to influence strategy. (Johnson & Scholes 2011 : 143) M&S’s Stakeholder map: (Figure 1) Low Power-Low Interest – Even though M&S undertakes social responsibility and tries to gain focus of people,distant community will have very low interest and low power on M&S’s operations and industry bodies like British Retail Association and Confederation of British industry might have very low interest and low power. Low Power-High Interest- Non-core suppliers of M&S have high
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