Will You Take The Flu Vaccine? Essay

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Will You Take the Flu Vaccine? Do you really know what’s going into your body when you go to the local pharmacy and get your yearly flu vaccine? An analysis of the flu vaccine process reveals multiple worries concerning the terminology used by doctors to describe vaccines and their symptoms; however, can these disadvantages keep you from getting the flu vaccine, which will increase your risk of becoming infected with influenza. American citizens are worried about getting their flu vaccines this year due to the studies they have read on side effects and long term illnesses the vaccine can cause. These issues arise because of misinterpretations of studies and statistics provided by medical professionals. The response to these studies cause Americans to fear the flu vaccine and not go protect themselves against influenza. Key phrases such as “inactivated virus or a weakened virus to mimic infection and spur a controlled immune response” (Bradford) can cause havoc in our society due to gobbledygook. Gobbledygook is a doublespeak which overwhelms the audience with technical and unfamiliar words. Inactivated or weakened virus used by scientific group can often lead to a lack of understanding of what is actually at stake for the American people. As the 2016-2017 flu season approaches the information about these flu vaccines will begin being advertised to the public through commercials, doctor visits, and in the local pharmacies. Warning labels will scare people away

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