Willa Cather's Broken Arrow Pride

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Willa Cather once said, “The end is nothing, the road is all.” By this she means that life is not about what happens at the end, but about the experiences along the road that lead one to the end. In other words, life is about the journey more than the destination. This is true. If the “destination” a person’s life is leading them toward is his or her death, than that is not what should be looked forward to.

Take my experience in the Broken Arrow Pride for example. Our shows are typically about ten minutes long. The spectators in the crowd only see those ten minutes. What they do not see are the countless hours spent preparing the program. It is comparable to the way an iceberg looks when it is floating in water. Only a very small fraction
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The band was invited to perform on stage for an hour at the Midwest Clinic in front of an enormous audience. Truthfully, I hardly recall that portion of the trip. Even more truthfully, I, along with the rest of the band, was looking forward to that aspect of our vacation least of all. We had already played those pieces more times than any of us could possibly count, not that any of us would want to attempt to. Once the Pride’s season was over, we immediately began showing up for mandatory 7:00 rehearsals every morning, as well as after-school practices that often ended quite late at night. An hour is longer than ten minutes, but the experiences are parallel in nature. I will surely always remember going to the Clinic and being able to perform in such a professional setting.

Willa Cather’s quote certainly struck a chord with me. I firmly believe that the most memorable life experiences are not just worth their end result. We make those experiences memorable by putting in effort, passion, and creativity into the outlets we pursue. Only then will all the time spent be worth it. Life should not be something one glides through to get to the end; it should be made a fulfilling and worthwhile
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