William Aberhart Case Study

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High school is one of the biggest events in a student's life, but finding the right high school was the biggest time consumer for me however the boring hours researching and sorting information were worth it because I found my perfect high school: William Aberhart. To start I will tell about the school. Then how I chose that school and to Finish it off I will tell you about The reasons why I chose this high school.

William Aberhart has an informative website allowing learning about the school easy; personally these are the highlights about the school: the support, options, athletics they offer and that they've got a French immersion program and a French as a second language/FSL program(FSL is what my junior high has). The support the school offers is with a non-accredited program to help those students who are struggling with their French, the school highly recommends the program for students receiving results of 60% or lower . Their vast list of options includes, drama and art. This high school also has an adequate variety of athletic teams. The last and most important highlight for me is that they offer French immersion French as a second language(FSL, this is what my junior high has).

Deciding what high school I want to go to next year wasn't simple, in this paragraph you will find out how I made my …show more content…

I've got a few reasons for wanting to go there. The first reason is that it's got French immersion. Although I've loved my time at Alice Jamieson All Girls' Academy I want to challenge myself and learn new things in French. My second reason for forming this decision is that I already know some people who go there because we were either in grade 6 together or they go to our church's youth group together. My final reason for selecting William Aberhart is that they have French, dance, drama and film fest which is everything I what . For those reasons my preferred high school to attend is William

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