William Blake Poetry Analysis

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In general, there are various forms of literature, whom many historical authors and analysts throughout the decades have the chance to demonstrate their freedom of expression, and as well as using their imagination to conduct dramatic plots with compelling characters. In particular, there is one specific literary form that expresses the author’s mood, tone and profound messages, in a way that is rhythmic, allegorical and visually creative pertaining to the human senses. In this case, the form of poetry matches with the mentioned criteria, from its promising structural styles, such as limericks and haikus, as well as its repetitive alliteration that attracts readers to recite the poems, in an emotional manner. It is a fact that poetry is also used to enhance the author’s theme, according to many descriptive literary techniques, such as similes, personification and symbolism. In particular, the theme of love can be portrayed in various meanings and visual representations, according to each author’s contrasting perspective. Specifically, there are three poems that briefly describe three perceptions of love, whether it can be prominent in regards to the loss of virginity, the appreciation of idealistic beauty, or the wrathful feelings towards infinite sexual desire.

Firstly, the poem called The Sick Rose discusses the subject of love, referring to the allegorical figures that William Blake explains in this composition. With the use of personification and symbolism throughout

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