William Carlos Williams 's Poem ' Marriage '

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Poems are the best to express thoughts to readers, many writers choose to write poems to speak their feelings which plain ordinary texts will not do. Three poems have special ideas about marriage, they are: “Marriage” by William Carlos Williams, “Marriea Love” by Kuan Tao-Sheng, and an untitled one by Apache Song. All three of them have a central idea of marriage; two people are one individual after marriage, one cannot separate from the other one. These poems are short but they carry deep morals about marriage. They have a common characteristics where they all visualize the bonding between the couple into things we feel comfortable about. There are three main aspects of poems — content, structure, and tone — I would discuss about how the authors uses similar writing styles to bring out the common idea behind. All contents of the three poems are very visual. In “Marriage,” Williams describes men and women as streams and fields and in “Marriea Love,” Kuan describes them as clays. Similarly, Song describes the relationship between married couples as solutions to problem, like, shelter for rain and warmth for coldness. Visualizing helps reader to understand the author’s point of view on marriage. We can see that all three of them implies that, after a couple is married they become one individual and should not and cannot be separated. “Marriage” says that men and women as streams and fields. We often see them appear very closely and one another cannot be absent. He

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