William Cross's Acial Process Of Racial Identity Development

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Lam, Chun Kit (014552107)
Lecturer MaryEllen Johnson
HRM 458 (Section 01)
Individual Take-Home Essay

A. (i) Explain each stage, and how you developed at each stage (e.g., What happened to you? How did you change?)

According to the William Cross’s racial identity model, there are five stages of on the
Black racial identity development including Preencounter, Encounter, Immersion,
Internalization and Internalization-Commitment. While there is no other racial groups such as Asian included in the Cross’s model; however, there is evidence showing that the developmental process of the racial identity of these omitted groups is similar to that described for the black people, which means that this model can also explain the racial identity development of my race (Asian).

In the first stage of Preencounter, the Black
American is bombarded with many beliefs that the dominant white culture is good and superior, and they tend to assimilate the whites for acceptance. The process of Preencounter once affected me greatly that I was not proud of my
Asian heritage even though I was not living in U.S.

Kong is a melting pot like America. Many young people from Hong Kong were convinced that British colonists were the saviors to Hong Kong because this
British colony was built as an international financial hub. I was one of the youngster who thought that being a Chinese was a shame as Britain was more successful than China in cultural and economic aspects. My

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