William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies

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Alexis Geans December 5, 2016 English 4 Final Draft There are many factors that influence how people behave once on their own in an area without rules. The human race will fall apart without a set of rules that apply to them. When left on its own, and given an opportunity, human nature will revert back to the inherent savagery that lies within. In the book Lord of the Flies a British plane crashes on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. The only survivors are a group of boys, and without any adults, the kids are left to fend and govern for themselves. Throughout the rest of the book, groups start to form and fight against each other. When the two groups fight for authority against each other things start to get out of hand. The two leaders for each group is Ralph, and Jack. At first the two work together to help to figure out how to survive for themselves and the rest of the group. Until Jack starts to disagree with helping, and starts to make up his own rules that he thinks are fit for the group. An in the midst of things Jack starts to basically recruit boys from Ralph’s group to go against the rules already set. Something like today how we have political parties that separate Americans more than we know (Democrats/ Republicans). The similarity in Lord of the Flies reveals separation between the two which starts to stir up conflict on the island. As days past by more of the boys start to like the way Jack leads his group, which is more “fun” in their opinion.

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