William Harrison Dempsey Research Paper

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William 'Jack' Harrison Dempsey was born in Manassa, Colorado. He was one of eleven kids in the Dempsey family. The Dempsey family was very poor. He was a mix of Irish, Cherokee, and Jewish; he was the son of Celia Dempsey and Hyrum Dempsey. Dempsey was baptized in the LDS church on his 8th birthday. With frequent moves with the family they never really “grew up” in a single location; the family moved to where work was needed. Jack dropped out of elementary school and started to work to provide for his family. He left his family at the age of sixteen and traveled wherever, usually by sneaking on a train. He often fought for a small amount of money and then his legacy began. Devastation could describe the early stages into the twenties with most people in manufacturing weapons of serious damage. Even the factory workers weren't safe when they thought they were. Some of the munition factories would…show more content…
During this time multiple inventions were created such like the radio, new dance moves, and even the drive-in restaurant. Entertainment started to be created in so many different places. The legends sport was created, boxing. This sport still not as popular as baseball (even to this day) was beginning to gain its popularity fast. The names of Joe Lynch and Paul Fritsch began to spread fast, and soon to be Jack Dempsey. Jack Dempsey the amazing Professional heavyweight boxer from the poor family in Colorado, to the road of success. His earlier career, he fought against Jess Willard, 6 feet 6 inches while Jack was only 6’1. Jack out fought Willard with his ruthless tactics and quick feet. Dempsey took the title of World Champ from Willard and then defended his title for six years fighting 5 matches. After this many people spoke of him cheating in the Willard fight with “loaded gloves”. Whilst that rumor was about others began to spread about him being a draft dodger, avoiding the draft during
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