William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet catalogs the happenings of two rivalry families and the civil brawls that revolve around their feud. Using a love story as context, Shakespeare is able to portray the consequences of ancient grudge. Through comic books, the underlying story of the two lovers can take the main stage without altering the intended message of the dangers of civil brawls and misunderstood hate. The change in focus is possible while still maintaining merit is due to the editing of original text, character portrayal and development, and rough panel design representing the harsh environment. D. Scott Broyles explains that the lovers can only exist within the context of the larger plot line: the ancient feuding families. He also …show more content…

Manga is able to take this flawed character and transform him into someone easily invested in. Romeo is introduced as a brooding rock star, but Manga’s breaking down of the fourth wall and actively making fun of Romeo through miniature “baby” versions of the character (14). Surprisingly, this tactic makes Romeo easier to understand and love despite his flaws. Manga also uses its adaptation to take away the blame often given to Romeo. When Romeo kills Tybalt in Act III, Manga depicts Romeo in a defensive stance, and Tybalt appears to have moved into Romeo’s sword rather than an active killing on Romeo’s part (83). This way, the reader is more invested in Romeo because it seems to be an “accident”. Then, when Romeo arrives at Friar Laurence’s cell for the scene of attempted suicide, Romeo’s emotional reaction due to the banishment is understandable. When Romeo grabs the knife, Manga’s use of subject-to-subject paneling evokes the seriousness of his intention, rather than a cry for attention(100). The following panels show Romeo dropping the knife, where other adaptations show the Nurse or Friar Laurence taking it; this small change in portrayal gives Romeo a maturity not often allowed for this character (101).
Manga also spends more time developing the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. Unlike other adaptations, such as the Classic Comics version, more pages and panels are given to depicting

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