William Shakespeare 's The Tempest

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“By my so potent art. But this rough magic I here abjure,”(V.i. ). Throughout Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, the main character Prospero refers to his magic, and it is through his magical abilities that the story is set in motion. In the play, Prospero controls characters and events, much like a playwright does. Shakespeare created Prospero as a guise for himself, through similarities in personality, manipulation abilities, and environment, to demonstrate and reflect on his literary abilities before bidding farewell to the theater.
Shakespeare could have created Prospero by incorporating elements of his personality and life into Prospero. Shakespeare came from a good family, his mother was the heiress to a land and his father was a bailiff in Stratford. Since his father was a town official education was free, and Shakespeare was sent to a good quality grammar school. There, he learned to read, write, and speak Latin. (William Shakespeare). Shakespeare “would have studied 10 hours a day, six days a week, mostly Latin by rote. That was the international language of the professions, and vital to master if you wanted to climb up in the world” (10 TEN THING YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT Shakespeare). Although Shakespeare did not attend a secondary school or college, he learned the essentials, that in combination with his creativity, worked to form his famous literary pieces. Prospero is the former, but rightful duke of Milan, “And Prospero the prime duke, being so reputed in dignity,

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