William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night

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William Shakespeare is perhaps one of the most famous writers of English literature. His writings and plays have touched the lives of many people. At some point in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we have all come across a poem, play or perhaps even an old adage that was written by William Shakespeare that has captured our attention. I still remember the very first time I read Romeo and Juliet in high school. The story was one of the most memorable pieces of literature that I recall reading in school. Shakespeare’s unique style of writing has had a great influence on our society. One of his famous plays, Twelfth Night, was modernized by director Andy Fickman and made into a movie called, She 's the Man in 2002. Although…show more content…
She disguises herself as a young man so she will be safe and able to find work. She calls her disguise, Cesario. Some of Viola’s qualities as both male and female are that she is intelligent and charming. These characteristics help her land a position with Duke Orsino. After three days of working for the Duke he really starts to like her personality and he persuades Viola/Cesario to woo Lady Olivia for him. This is when things begin to get complicated. Viola soon falls in love with the Duke however, because she is so very loyal, she continues to try and win over Lady Olivia for him even though her own heart is aching with the love she has for him. She could have easily lied to Lady Olivia or stopped relaying the Duke’s messages, however no matter how much she loved the Duke, her loyalty to him was more important. I would imagine that it must have been very hard for her to see the man she was falling in love with try to win over someone else.
As the story continues, the plot gets more confusing because Lady Olivia begins to develop deep feelings for Cesario who is actually Viola. This creates the love triangle. Viola is falling in love with Duke Orsino, but he thinks Viola is a young man. Duke Orsino is in love with Lady Olivia, and Lady Olivia is developing feelings for Cesario, who is Viola in disguise. It is complicated because everyone is in love with someone who loves someone else. This love triangle is based on lies and deceit all
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