William Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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In the mind of an individual there is a battle between inner choices and outside pressure from the society when both are in the opposite poles, a battle in which in which well being can be lost or found. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the unpropitious hero Hamlet is negatively influenced by demands and enters into a mental dilemma, as he is unable to decide whether he should follow his inner voice and kill his father’s murderer, or whether he should be a law abiding citizen and respect the new king and follow his policies. When individual’s choices conflicts with external demands, individuals will not be able to have good personal life, and chances to become indecisive, which ultimately leads to the downfall of the individual …show more content…

In my case, I also am unable to decide on a matter when both sides are equally important. I ask myself whether I should go to medicine or whether I should study engineering, and yet till now I have not been able to reach a conclusion. External force which is my extended family pulls me in the direction of medicine while my inner mind wants engineering. A thousand questions run through my mind, which makes me question whether I am the indecisive Hamlet. Hamlet couldn’t take a decision though the ghost is repeating that Claudius is his murderer, he is unable to go to the’ to be or not to be’ stage because of the conflict of emotions. In the play, Hamlet couldn’t kill Claudius when he is praying, because he thinks whether Claudius can go to heaven as he is praying. Hamlet is not thinking irrationally, but because of huge battle of emotions he is unable to slay “the serpent who wears his father’s crown”.
As a result of stress, and indecisiveness Hamlet finally becomes a prey to the plan of Claudius. The unpleasantness of having a poor personal life and his wavering character makes him die. If he had killed Claudius before, the political situation would have been very much favourable to him, but rather than killing “the serpent” he allows it to kill him. Hamlet’s ruined personal life; his bad relationship with former friends and his mother and his

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