William Shakespeare's Othello

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Shakespeare is known for many of his romantic works. But in his time, he also wrote romantic tragedies. One of the tragedies was the play Othello. The two characters that stuck out the most were Othello, the moor, and his beautiful wife Desdemona. The couple had certain mishaps but most readers did not expect a melodramatic plot twist. Othello had many downfalls, including insecurity. In the play Othello, the lack of communication between Desdemona and Othello was the cause for their deaths. Iago had major hatred toward Othello because Othello did not employ him as his lieutenant. Iago knew he had to get revenge on him. Othello was easily manipulated by Iago. He was inexperienced with women, and this gave him all the right to fall into Iago's master plan. Othello and Desdemona lacked self-awareness. That caused them to see themselves as the other characters in the play perceived. One of Othello's major insecurities was his awareness, that he is "lower than his wife".
Keep in mind that Othello is not adapted to this type of life, he has always had his military background. The cast of Othello then travels to Cyprus in a boat. Iago notices that Cassio is a "ladies man" and kisses Desdemona's hand. Iago, being the villain he is, immediately thinks on how he is going to use that against him. Once at Cyprus, Cassio gets drunk and gets in a provocative argument with Roderigo. Othello intervenes and fires Cassio.
Cassio conversed with Desdemona and convinced her to help him get

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