Willima Shakespeare's, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Unbalanced Love

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The course of love never did run smooth (Shakespeare I.i.134). William Shakespeare’s captivating, profound play illustrates the complications of four Athenians’ love lives. Two lovers yearn to run away together to get married, but trouble sets in and their lives become more complex when magical fairies and a love potion get involved. The four Athenians have to battle their way through love’s complications. The perplexing “love square,” mythical interference, and the endeavor to find equanimity are the three obstacles that the main characters urge to get past during the comedy. As these obstacles are thrown at the Athenians, the four lovers grow confused, and because of Robin, the audience laughs often. The play may begin with anything and end with anything, but if the dreamer is sad at the end he will be sad as if by prescience at the beginning; if he is cheerful at the beginning he will be cheerful if the stars fall (The American Chesterton Society). In the beginning of the play, Egeus, Hermia’s father, complains to the duke of Athens, Theseus, about his daughter not wanting to marry the man he picked out for her, Demetrius. Theseus comes to a conclusion of either sending Hermia to a nunnery or executing her. Hermia does not want to go through with either of those choices, so she and Lysander, the man Hermia really loves, plan to run away from the city of Athens to be married. Everything is arranged for their escape and all is well until Helena enters the scene. Hermia
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