Wind Energy : The Benefits Of Wind Power

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Wind Power can fulfil an significant amount of energy which is constantly needed for citizens in the 21st century as it is reliable when placed in the right conditions. The benefits of wind power include clean energy source, reliance, affordable and cost efficient which is why it should be used more commonly.
Wind turbines can be made in different to suite different situations they are needed for- they can even fit on yachts or buildings. Picture one shows wind turbines on a Tasmanian farm.
These wind turbines are commonly located against coastlines as that is where the wind is strongest- which results in the most reliable continuous and strong wind.
The science and technology behind wind power; the wind turbine is used to transform the kinetic energy from window into electrical energy that can be used in house holds. This is completed by the wind turbines pushing air between the blades of the turbine and rotating the blades, the kinetic energy of the air is transformed to the mechanical energy. Excess kinetic energy will be left in the wind as it travels away from the turbine. The mechanical energy is than transported to the generator from the shafts and gears in the wind turbine- this is the process of how the electrical energy is made. (Stelr,2017)
Furthermore, wind turbines are a renewable energy source. The definition of renewable energy is “Energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power.” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2017) which proves

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