Winning The Lottery Essay

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1. The lottery tickets have not been selling for a while now and I have to find a way to fix that problem. One way of fixing this problem is giving the people a better chance at winning the lottery like increasing the odds of someone getting the correct numbers in an area that is very poor so that someone who really needs it would get the money. This would create a buzz that anyone could win the lottery money even the poor because it's been known that the lottery is rigged for only the middle class and the rich people. This would throw that idea out the window and ensure to people that they could possibly win the lottery. But in reality the odds are still the same and every two week or so we do the same method of letting a small town family…show more content…
Look at the fish!" (Schafer, 2005). My friend should not worry about the thirteen month old it's normal for the child to know neither english or her native language at her age. For the four-year old it’s said that a child whose adopted by another family in another country still needs to process its language but when they reach elementary school they would enjoy the humour of double…show more content…
I believe that Abraham Maslow and the novelist Dostoyevski were both right about the their situation. Maslow is right because if we are lacking food, love, and self-esteem as humans we need food more than love or self-esteem to live a long life. We could go our whole lives without love or self-esteem. Dostoyevski is correct because if we have all the bread we need to survive for a while but no water then won’t survive long. If there was something we need more than food to survive to live it would be water. We can survive longer without food than we can without water because water provides us with energy and if we have no energy than we can’t do anything. That is the reason for when you are hungry you try to drink water or some liquid to keep yourself from being as
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