Wireless Communication Systems are Developing Rapidly Essay

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With the rapid development of wireless communication systems, there will be a need for the network deployment of independent mobile users [1]. Significant examples such as establishing survival, proficient, active communication for emergency/rescue operations, disaster management efforts, and secured military networks [2]. ]. Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) can be considered as a subclass of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) with some unique characteristics. Vehicles move on the roads sharing information among them. Vehicles often move at high speed but their mobility is within regular constraints and predictable. An accurate estimate of vehicle’s position can be made available through GPS systems or on-board communication unit. VANETs …show more content…

Conventional ad hoc routing protocols such as DSR and AODV will not be appropriate in VANETs for most vehicular Broadcast applications.
There are three different Traffic of operation in VANET
Regular Traffic: In case of regular traffic some nodes may have very few neighbours while some other nodes have many neighbours.
Dense Traffic:Nodes Simply broadcasting the packets leads to many collisions and conflicts in transmission among neighbouring nodes.
Sparse Traffic: The delay that incurs in delivering messages between disconnected vehicles can vary from a few seconds to several minutes.
This paper gives a detailed study about existing broadcasting protocols.

Traffic View
Traffic View, protocol uses a method called aggregation method on the data in the updated dataset. By grouping multiple data packets based on message timestamp and relative vehicle distance this protocol minimizes bandwidth utilisation Traffic View has a definite structure to disseminate and collect information about the vehicles on the road.[4]
Advantage: with such a system, a vehicle driver will know the road traffic, which helps the driver handling situations efficiently or finding an correct route for long distance.
Disadvantage: the cars in the non-aggregation case have only limited visibility to all nodes, and most of the nodes have no information about other nodes that are at least 500m away.

AMB Protocol: Adhoc Multicast Protocol
In this

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