With Age, We Question Our Lives

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Once in a while we start thinking about life and as a result it instigates us to reflect about life as we grow older. Our thinking becomes more complex and not being able to find answers leaves as in despair. We even ask questions such as “What is my purpose in life? Is it worth living with all the hardships we encounter?” Then we come along reading the works of other people who provides their own insights about life and some may make sense, some might make us angry and sometimes it makes life even more confusing. Many readers would find Camus difficult to understand especially his philosophy. Camus rejected himself as a philosopher and did not want to be grouped with existentialists such as Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, or Kafka (Payne, 1992). However, many experts say that his philosophy is a mixture of existentialist and humanism. Most of his works revolved around the philosophy of existentialism, absurdism and humanism. Camus may reject that he is a philosopher but his works have greatly influenced many people and caught the attention of many philosophers and experts in literature. Another factor that makes Camus’ philosophy confusing about life is that he divides his ideas in different works in a non-chronological fashion. Camus claims that the teaching of the Absurd is "a definite progress". In this sense he writes in his novels of what he already developed of his philosophy as he continues develops his philosophy about absurdity. For example, Camus wrote The

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