Women And Its Effects On Women Essay

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It can be argued that reproduction is one of, if not the sole purpose of all life. As creatures of higher consciousness, it is easy to be consumed by the societies we have created; their beauties and pressures. Being diagnosed as, or considering that you may be infertile can be world shattering.
Consider the following experience: You and your spouse of ten years are having difficulty conceiving a child. You both desperately want to have biological offspring. Gender, race, economic/social class and culture (including generational cultures and cultures of different peoples) can divide the Responses to this issue. Finding yourself in this situation can be painful, confusing, disheartening for all, worse for some, and hopeful for others who have access to the proper technology. We consider the how this “lot in life” affects a variety of individuals.
Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child after 12 to 18 months of unprotected sex with a partner. Infertility in women can be a result of failure of egg release, hormone imbalances, damage to fallopian tubes and a number of other things, while in men it is usually considered a result of too few sperm being produced. Eighty percent of couples, who will ultimately conceive, do so in the first 12 months (Feldman, 2017, p. 72). Now we examine the plight of the remaining 20% of couples, beginning with the emotional aspects.
“Many of us spend our younger years desperately trying not to get
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