Women And Slaves In Sparta Essay

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Women and Slaves in Sparta Sparta was definitely more progressive in people equality that the other city-states in Greece. The woman of Sparta had much more rights and opportunities that women in other city-states like Athens. For example, women could own their own land and control their own property and women also wore a special tunic that showed that they had freedom. Women were also free to speak to the husband friends and even remarry to another man if their husband has been gone for too long at war. Unlike in Athens, woman and men were both educated. Women studied something called Mousike, which was a combination of different lessons consisting of music, dance, and poetry. When women got older, the were very skilled with governance, …show more content…

When women did get married, they cut their hair short, wore a man’s cloak and sandals, and was to said to be visited by a spirit, telling the girl if she was going to have a good marriage. Since for a majority of the time, woman's husband was gone at war, women were expected to be strong enough guard property from invaders and revolts from slaves. Another name for slaves in ancient Sparta was Helots. Helots were state owned slaves, which meant that they were assigned to work on specific plots of land. They’re many different ways that one can become a Helot, for example, you could be kidnapped and forced into slavery, you could also be an enemy soldier that was captured in a war or you could have been born into slavery. In ancient Sparta, the Helots outnumbered free Spartans 20 to 1, leading many to believe that this was the reason why Sparta created a government. Since there were many more Helots that free Spartans in Sparta, this led to the Helots having power. The Government was afraid that the Helots would revolt so they treated them very harshly and punished them for the tiniest mistake. Although Helots were treated very harshly, they still had some rights. Helots could marry anyone at any time and they could also if they had enough money,

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