Women And Women's Role Of Women In Advertisements

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For as long as advertisements have existed, gender displays have been used to establish the role of one gender with relation to the opposite gender. Men and women are depicted differently in advertisements as men have a more dominant, active pose whereas women have a more submissive yet sexy allure. Perfume marketers use this tactic to lure potential buyers into purchasing a fragrance. To promote their product, companies use erotic images to appeal to the abstract idea of desire. The degree of sexualization depends heavily on the model in the perfume advertisement but women are almost always sexualized to a higher degree than men. In some cases, there are images of women promoting perfume where they are not scantily clad but rather portray a sense of youthfulness and independence. The women in these advertisements are usually recognized celebrities and because of their fame, they portray their own identities in perfume advertisements. Due to their status in society and media, prominent and more recognized women have more powerful poses in perfume advertisements which compare closer to a man’s perfume advertisement. Rather than being depicted as a meek woman whose sole purpose is to please men, they show that they do not need to depend on a man, but they can do things for themselves.
In Susan Bordo’s text “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body,” Bordo talks about the fact that women have been overly sexualized in advertisements for many years but the moment that men are

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