Women As A Person 's Gender

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Robert Mau
Ms. Strohlin
U.S. History
10 May 2015
Women Serving In Combat The simple factor of a person’s gender, in some cases, restricts a person from having the chance to get the same opportunities as another gender. In The United States of America, the problem of women not even having the chance to receive the same opportunities as men, has become a growing problem. The Declaration of Independence, one of the documents that The United States of America was founded upon, says the words, “…All men are created equal…” (“The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription”). Since every one of us are created equally, it would logically make sense for every one of us, man or woman, to be presented with equal opportunities. Although some may …show more content…

This means that, women are not allowed to choose military positions that involve direct ground combat with the enemy such as being a part of an infantry unit or artillery unit. Some may argue that allowing women to serve in all aspects of combat can lead to certain problems. “[The female soldier] is, on average, about five inches shorter than the male soldier, has half the upper body strength, lower aerobic capacity and 37 percent less muscle mass.” (“Introduction to Women in the Military: At Issue”). The fact that an average female soldier is smaller and does not have as much physical strength than an average male soldier, could lead to certain problems. An example would be that in certain situations, it may take two female soldiers to do a job that a single male soldier could do by himself. Another problem could be that the men may become attracted to these women, and then may compete over each other to win the women’s attention. If men on the same side were to compete over each other, it could cause problems such as escalating tensions between male soldiers because they are jealous or mad at each other. Another problem could be that if women were to serve in all aspects of combat, including direct ground combat with the enemy, these women may not be able to return to a sanitary environment for extended periods of time. This could become a problem since “…women must attend to feminine

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