Women Conform More than Men Essay

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Women Conform More than Men

Studies over the years have shown a higher rate of conformity among women than men. Psychologists have attributed this difference to many areas, such as personality traits, differing views of conformity, social status, and situational forces. The following research and studies illustrate the findings which confirm this hypothesis.

Personality Traits of Men vs. Women

According to Eagley, Wood, and Fishbaugh (1981), women are more concerned than men about the quality of interpersonal relationships. Women take greater responsibility for establishing and maintaining interpersonal bonds, whereas men do not. Also, women are more empathetic and more accurate at decoding nonverbal communication than
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Effects of Status and Status Cues on Conformity

Many psychologists attribute the gender differences in conformity to the perceived differences in class status of men and women. One possible interpretation of differences in conformity is the implicit status cue that suggests certain individuals are believed to be of higher status by group members. The results of a study performed by Eagly and Chrvala showed that older females conformed more than older males when subjects surveyed each other's answers or when they rated each other on likeability (Collin, Di Sano, and Malik, 1994). It has been suggested, though, that this higher rate of conformity is due to the male-based stimuli. The same study conducted by Collin, et al., suggests that male subjects exhibited more conformity than females due to their higher status.

In the formation of new groups, it has been found that gender functions primarily as a status cue (Eagly, et al., 1981). Gender informs people about status, because it is normally perceived in our society that men have higher status than women. Therefore, people enter into a group on unequal ground. Eagly, etc. also argue that men's nonconformity results in successful influence due to their higher status. In reference to occupational status, this study found that the perception of women as being more compliant in a job setting than men came from
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