Women For Women And Women's Rights Of Women

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norms of society, and this furthermore proves how much freedom women were given in ancient Greece regarding sexuality.
Sparta expanded the rights of women in the category of sexuality, but Athens on the other hand did not give women this freedom. Women in Athens for example did not even have the opportunity to engage in these relationships, since it was required for them to remain indoors and tend to the indoor duties of the household. This point was illustrated in Xenophon’s Oeconomicus, which describes the marital relationship of a couple in Athens. Ischomachos is the husband in this document, and he tells his wife “‘it will be your duty’, I said, ‘to stay indoors’” (Dillon and Gillard 7.35). Women were not given the freedom to go out into the public sphere, and this can be an attempt to suppress their sexuality. When looking at Plutarch’s Life of Solon, the various reforms made by him show the clear suppression of women’s sexuality. One example is “He did not allow anyone to sell his daughters or sisters, unless he discovered that a virgin consorted with a man” (23.2). This means that a women can be enslaved if she was caught having sex, and this is a clear suppression of women’s sexuality. Young girls in Sparta were many times having relationships with older women regardless of their marital status, and this meant that Sparta gave more freedoms and rights to women in regards to their sexuality. Sparta is a champion of women’s rights, and this is shown by seeing the lack
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