Women In Combat

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Throughout our history, there have been many struggles that women have faced based on their gender. An issue that has recently risen is the idea of permitting women to take on combat roles in the military. Various opinions flood the minds of many which makes individuals question whether women should be authorized to take on such a task or not. Those who oppose women in combat do not want women, with the exception of nurses, to be stationed in any areas where there is conflict. They don’t want women to be trained and expected to kill. The ethical issue is, should women be allowed to engage in combat?
There have been many restrictions that have prohibited women from taking on specific roles in the military in previous years. According to one …show more content…

Defense Secretary Carter said he “overruled the Marines because the military should operate under a common set of standards“(Rosenberg and Philipps, "All Combat Roles Now Open to Women, Defense Secretary Says"). In the military, both men and women are trained to handle the same situations as each other. Women have been under the combat restrictions, which allowed them to serve in the combat zones, but have prevented them from holding an official combat position, including the infantry. The infantry training is crucial to career advancement in the military and it is the main land combat force and strength of the Army. They have the responsibility to defend our country against any threat by land, as well as, capturing and destroying enemy ground forces. Many women have said that by not recognizing their real purpose, they are being unfairly held back by the military. Many people believe that although women have physical differences compared to males, some women are capable of meeting the requirements. Defense Secretary Carter said “…that some women could meet the most demanding physical requirements, just as some men could not”(Rosenberg and Philipps, "All Combat Roles Now Open to Women, Defense Secretary Says"). …show more content…

This leads to the belief that there are differences between men and women, such as men have a greater ability in combat than women becoming a factor of why women should not be allowed. People claim that women, even if qualified, should not be used in combat because they are needed for other social functions. Men may fear the loss of masculinity and can disturb male bonding. Men who maintain traditional gender roles, may act foolishly in order to protect women in their units. According to one article, “The percentage of women is the enlisted forces continued to rise until it reach 15 percent in 2002, and then, it unexpectedly stopped growing and dropped slightly” (Armor, "Women in Combat: Rationale and Implications"). There is a higher percentage of men who enlist, compared to that of women. Another issue is that there are often reported problems of sexual assault and harassment of women in the military. A sexual assault cannot only cause a woman to loss faith or respect of her peers, but she may fear them. Whether it is unwanted advances or sexual assault, it can destroy a unit’s

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