Women In Sparta

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Imagine this. An incredible army marches with perfect precision across a wide open field. With every step, the enemy cowers. Suddenly the army stops. With a roar, the army launches a perfectly planned attack at th e trembling enemy. They kill without mercy, for the better of their friends and family, and most of all, for the better of their city-state. Meanwhile, back at the village, women march around wiht their children, buying and selling not just belongings, but also property. Young men train at the barracks to become the best warrior, and young women play sports and study for the upcoming test. Other city states look to this city state with fear and admirtion. They are awed at the freedom given to the women there, and they panic at the …show more content…

As the social studies textbook says, “Spartan women were raised to be strong and vigorous. They participated in sports....[They] had a good deal of freedom and responsibility...they had greater independence than women in other city states.” When other city states treated women like unequals, Sparta was the one that gave women rights. By giving women the right to participte in sports and get an education, the city-state of Sparta coud ensure that the women could give birth to smart and healthy children. Others may say that Athens is a better city state because it puts the government power in the citizen’s hands, but Sparta has an equally good government because every part of the Spartan government revolved around keeping order. The two kings were put in place so that one could not overrule the other. The assembly made sure that the government went with what the people needed. The ephors made sure that the kings and council stayed in order. The government would keep the same year after year, ensuring that the government would not corrupt itself like the other

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