Women In The Media And Its Impact On Beauty And Body Image

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Both films touched me in different ways. Miss Representation affected me on a more personal level, as I was able to relate more to the content. While watching Miss Representation, I found myself thinking a lot about some of the women I know. A lot of the issues discussed in the documentary reminded me of specific women in my life. For example, I thought of my younger sister a lot during the discussion of beauty and the media. My sister is only 16 years old, but I see her trying to emulate the beauty of 20-year old women on social media, not thinking of the fact that these women edit and place filters on all the images they post. The films discussion on the emotional vulnerability of young girls and the effect media has on their self-image and body image really impacted me because I see this in my sister every day. I’ve heard my sister complain about not being pretty enough or about having too much acne or being to big compared to kids on TV, even though she has an average weight. I could see what the documentary was trying to argue about the media and its impact on beauty standards because I’ve seen the media’s influence firsthand with my sister. I could also relate a lot to the discussion on women characters in the media. I’ve personally been frustrated with the lack of complex female characters in TV and film for a long time. It’s always been frustrating to see the typical rude and uncaring female boss trope being used in shows, especially in those that are advertised as

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