Women In The United States Generally Have One Very Specific

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Women in the United States generally have one very specific shared obsession: losing weight. They are constantly bombarded with claims of effective weight loss- secrets of the stars, fool-proof fad diets, etc. How many women try these diets? Probably hundreds of thousands, and how many lose weight from them? Maybe a few- the ones that end up gaining all of it back plus forty pounds. Something has to be wrong. This cannot be some strange coincidence, and it isn 't. The way in which we think about our weight, our bodies, and the attention we put towards finding out why we eat is what needs to change in order to see real changes in our bodies and our minds. The first thing- and maybe the hardest thing- a woman needs to do is treat herself …show more content…

Exercising is treating your body well as much as eating well is, and this should be the goal- to treat yourself as well as possible. It is very important, also, to have your exercise routine be as gradually-changing as the eating. Start with small weekly goals, and write down what you feel when you know you could/should be exercising and aren 't. These changes don 't have to be as hard as they seem. Taking on the task of losing weight is something which is hard to think about, and even harder to do. However, treating yourself well, and being mentally and physically healthy, is not hard to think about or do. I know I 'm not alone when I say that weight loss is the hardest thing I 've ever done or tried to do. Maybe it 's presumptuous to think anyone would want to hear my story, but here goes: I started out a skinny little runt with chronic asthma. Back in the 50 's the way they treated asthma was by treating the symptoms. No one had come up with a way to prevent an attack. I got most of my attacks along with a cold or the flu. My family doctor back then convinced my mother that if I weighed more I 'd be healthier and able to stave off these colds and wouldn 't have as much trouble with my asthma. Back then we didn 't questions doctors so my mother started a campaign to "fatten" me up. It worked too well. I don 't blame her or my doctor since that was the thinking at the time and

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