Women Should Not Have the Option of Artificial Fertilization

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I don’t believe that women should have the option of artificial fertilization because the

women can have emotionally harmful side effects. According to a study released by the Baird

commission in April about 2,900 women were enrolled in IVF programs n Canada in 1991

resulting in 189 births, while 3,400 used artificial insemination in fertility clinics, leading to 360

births. (Nichols 2) The fact that the success rate is that low is sad a woman could try and try to

get pregnant and go through so many treatments hoping at the same time that eventually they

could have a child but fail most of the time.

All 32 mature oocytes were injected. Seven zygotes showed normal fertilization (22%)

and one zygote showed pronuclear fertilization and 24 oocytes (75%) did not show any

sign of fertilization. Most of the embryos had poor morphology before the embryo

transfer, but there was at least one embryo available for transfer in each cycle….The forst

for IVF cycles did ot result in a pregnancy. In the fifth IVF circle two oocytes were

fertilized normally and one oocyte showed one pronuclear fertilization. (Francsovits, etat


This piece of evidence is very demoralizing for a woman that is reaching out to their last option to

have a child of her own.

The second reason I thoroughly disagree to the option of artificial fertilization is because it

causes physically harmful problems for the woman going through this treatment. When blood and


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