Women in the Army

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(Gabbatt, 2013) The statistics in pentagon state that about 144 military women have been killed and around 865 women have been injured in combat and noncombat incidents in Afghanistan and in Iraq. (Parrish ,2012) As of 2012, there were about 20,000 women deployed in Afghanistan and this number is even likely to increase. Women have become an integral part of the army service in Afghanistan and Iraq. Seeing how women have been equally hurt and injured in the wars, they should be given an equal position along with their male counterparts. Apart from equality in the military, it is quite essential for women to be given same ranks because this inequality is the leading cause of increased sexual assaults on women. This sort of change is required and needs to be implemented in a very organized manner. Transformational leadership needs to come into play where everyone's ideologies are kept intact but the change is made merely by producing enthusiasm in the entire group. (Denning, 2007)
Even though they make up a significant amount, the participation of the women couldn't be optimum to the plethora of bans imposed on them. The most direct and comprising ban on women is the 1994 direct ground combat assignment and definition rule. This rule basically restricted women from participating in activities such as direct ground combat, co-location, berthing and privacy, long-range…

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