Women 's Fight Against Domestic Violence

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According to Domestic Abuse Shelter, every year, there are around "4000 women die due to domestic violence". In addition, other statistic shows that seventy-five percentage of the abusers killed their partners when victims tried to leave home or even after they left (1). According to community overcoming relationship abuse (CORA), every year, around 10 million of kids in United States live with parents in abuse relationships. Moreover, the department of justice shows that thirty percent of murdered women in the U.S. killed by her partner.

Cycle of abuse

According to Oklahoma Department of Human Services, when a tension builds over in the relationship. Partners will try to do almost anything to keep the other partner from getting upset. A good example of this is a Leslie Morgan Steine’s story in her Ted Talk when she said, “I didn’t know he was abusing me. held those loaded guns to my head, pushed me down stairs, threatened to kill our dog”.Sheepfoldm organization interviewed with a teenager victim of abusive relationship, a teenager girl said, "I remember feeling warm liquid on my hands, and I opened my eyes to see what it was and it was a puddle of my blood and he still wouldn 't stop". According to Domestic Violence Organization, the tension will continue until reach to the peak in this stage. Also, verbal harassment or even a threat of physical assault may occur (3).

The abuser will feel sorry for his action, and promise the victim this will be the last time to do…

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