Women 's Rights Of Women

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Plan of Investigation Many women around the world today do not have the same rights as women do in America. A country that has truly had a rough timeline is Iran. Women are looked down at and aren’t thought have true humans but as objects a lot of the time. Women are looked down at, and are expected to just do the house chores and what is expected of women, raising the kids. Today in day, that is not the case in the US, but in Iran it is still a hard and difficult situation. In the year 1979, the women were required to start wearing the Hijab everywhere. This really downgraded women, to the point where even activists were stopped through cruel punishments such as, imprisonment or even the cruel act of torture. In Iran, the women are often physically abused by their husbands when they don’t follow the rules of the religion or government, leaving women below them and having to follow as they please. In a lot of situations women are seen as sex objects and then the caretaker of the males children and are supposed to make them grow up to fullfill the family name. For my investigation on the difference in women 's rights before the Iranian Revolution and after, I will be discussing between articles and authors to find the differences and the outcomes of both time periods in which women were downgraded. One of my main articles (Women’s), the author is explaining the cruel laws that women have to follow from before the revolution to present day. It talks about elections to

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