Women 's Rights On Equal Basis With Men

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If we can remove all the inequities and put women on equal basis with men, we recognize that we can reveal human potential very drastically. This is simply achieved by allowing women the same access and capabilities as men. We are so much closer to achieving equality between men and women than we have ever been before. I believe after the women’s suffrage in the early 1920’s, most women were recognized in politics. Women put themselves in positions of power; they presented themselves with power because before they were not perceived as being able to hold a position like men, and now they are. They have been approved the right to vote and stand for office. However, women in politics were given limited decision-making responsibilities because men did not think they could make good decisions because they had no experience in politics. “What right have you, as men, to judge women? Who gave you that right, women having no voice in deciding the legal system of this country, no voice in saying what is a crime and what is not a crime?” (EFR pg.197) We were all created equally and everyone deserves to have involvement. Allowing women to contribute equally in businesses and profit from income creating investments is a very difficult process. Gender inequalities in reality complicate efforts to change them. In several cultures of patriarchal power means that dynamic involvement of women and men in projects is challenging to accomplish. Most of the time women couldn’t get the same
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