Women 's Rights On The Basis Of Equality

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In recent times, the word “feminist” and all of its many ramifications have become increasingly more troubling. In the pure, untainted form of the word, a feminist is someone who actively supports the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. This means believing in the treatment of women as equals to men, both intellectually and socially. However, in contemporary culture, it would seem that if you are a feminist, then you must be a feminazi. If you are not, then you must hate women. Regardless of which side of battle one chooses to take up arms for, or if one decides to take no side at all, he or she cannot escape the integral question: why, in this day and age, are men still outperforming women in the professional…show more content…
Some would argue that this is because women place a higher level of importance on more personal goals, such as raising a family or achieving personal satisfaction in life. The former of these goals can wreak havoc on a woman’s career. Certainly, “childbirth plays a role, knocking ambitious women off their professional stride for months (if not years) at a time while their male peers” face no such catastrophic derailment (Dorment 698). Nevertheless many women have successfully borne children and returned to work to climb the ranks of the professional ladder. As for the latter of these more personal goals, satisfaction in life will almost invariably mean different things to different people, male or female. Men may obtain more satisfaction from a demanding career while for women it may be spending more time with family and friends. Or vice versa. Regardless of where the individual’s personal satisfaction comes from, this is an important life pursuit. As long as a person is satisfied in the life he or she leads, it should not matter whether or not the individual, man or woman, holds a high-powered professional position. Another proposed reason for the ambition gap is the biological differences between men and women. It is indeed possible that men are more assertive and women more nurturing due to genetics. However, “in today’s world, where we no longer have to hunt in the wild for our food, our desire for
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