Women 's Rights : The Right And A Voice Of Vote Essay

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I am an eighteen-year-old women in Canada, being an eighteen-year-old in Canada means I have the right to vote in elections officially. On my eightieth birthday one of the most common things that was said to me was the fact that I am now old enough to vote. Hearing that I have the independence, the right and a voice to vote for who I believe should be running our towns, provinces and, country is such an amazing honour. What many young women do not take into account is that this was not always the law. Before the year 1914 woman did not have the right to vote at all (“Women Get the Vote,” 2001). Woman had no input in who they thought should be guiding their country, and society around them that effects them and their families. Deciding on who was elected into the government was solely all up to their fathers, husbands, brothers and, sons demonstrating large amounts of sexism. This was a huge issue that separated male and female rights which created inequality and major segregation within our beloved country. Nellie McClung was one of the select woman who began the struggle to achieve the woman’s right to voice their opinions and stand up for what they believed needed to change and happen around them (“Heritage Minute,” 2010). Nellie and other women did everything in their power from peaceful protests, hard labour and mock trials to receive these rights. This is something our history hold very close, this is important because it encouraged the woman to take a stand and reach

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